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This pak contains five fonts that are somewhat quirky, but not quite grungy, depending on your outlook. Mostly they're great for all kinds of signs, graphic designs and probably about anything you might want to do with them. These fonts are mostly just for fun and for the unusual. Selling price is a mere $50, or you can get them free when you order Clippies Volume One.

And just so we don't leave you hanging, keep scrolling this page and read our thoughts and comments about using these fonts in the real world. The credit for this font pak goes out to James L. Stirling. Stirling hand-crafted four of these beauties way back in the early 1990's for use in screen-printing, signmaking and anything else he could turn them loose on. The fifth font--the Ghixm font--well, that font was the twisted brainchild of myself, Mike Adkins. I've yet to see much practical use for it beyond the spooky and creepy, or just the weird stuff, but I had fun doing it! Credit also goes out to my wife, LeVonna. Some of the characters in the Peppermint font were redesigned by James and myself and then lost in some distant and dark pile of paper and fading memories. LeVonna leapt to the challenge and helped to fill in the missing blanks without so much as a wavering pencil. Read on for some unprecedented insights--and a sneak peak--of Wild Bunch Pak #2.
KLASH  comes in bold & normal style
Now here's a bold, bouncing, quasi-casual font guaranteed to draw a lot of “wanted” attention. This font has seen a lot of use in our own sign shop thanks to the fun shapes and all of that leaning back and forth to the left and right It just looks like you're having a good time when you use it, so it's a real customer favorite! From big-rig graphics to license plates or t-shirts, Klash finds a home on just about any layout where a dominant, display typeface is called for. Keep the words as large as possible for best results. This font doesn't shine its brightest on layouts calling for a lot of text or informational content. Think DISPLAY! This is a font that will always be noticed--all you have to do is treat it right! And don't underestimate the lowercase characters. Klash acts like a script font at times. What that means is some words typed in all caps might look a little strange, just like a script font can look awkward when you use all uppercase characters. When that happens, try switching to lowercase letters, or maybe even try typing the word using "all" lowercase letters! Experiment! When a font is this much fun, it won't mind!
PEPPERMINT  comes in normal style only
Peppermint is a tricky Southwest-style font that can deliver some unexpected twists to your layout. Sometimes it's even hard to tell what certain combinations of these prickly letters will
do to your layout. Luckily, even though it's not a font "high" on low-profile attributes, people just seem to love it. One of the first places I ever used it was for a retired couple's names on their golf-cart! Of course, the font's designer, Mr. Stirling, saw fit to litter any and every t-shirt design with it every chance he got. Mind you, that was still the early 90's when this Southwest stuff was a big craze. But, craze or not, this font is timeless. It mixes in wonderfully with other fonts; it works well in text layouts; it even adorns the sign out by the road in front of my sign-shop! And this isn't a font for conservative designs! This is a font that takes you south of the border with all the twists and turns one would expect from a world-class roller-coaster ride. Remember, big or small, this font tackles them all. Besides, even with all those curlys, this font is still ultra-easy to read, not to mention easy on and pleasing to the eye. Take it for a spin and see!
MARBLES & STRINGS  comes in normal style only
Can you say dainty and frilly? When Mr. Stirling first created this face--all drawn by hand with pencil and paper before being lovingly, electronically digitized--his goal was to create a font that would satisfy the frailer side of graphic design. Indicative of the hand-lettering found on country crafts from the local flea markets, Marbles & Strings made the leap across the cultural gap to Stirling's unfailing keyboard--in a bit more than a single bound! In other words, this font took some work, but it soon found a home on t-shirts, banners, signs and points beyond. But like I said, it
is on the frail side, so it's not exactly a font you would use for the Iron Palace Gym. This font will work fine in plenty of other places, however. Just because it's kinda thin and really does looks like a bunch of shiny marbles with strings strung through them is no reason to write it off. Plenty of girls softball teams have requested a font in this style over the years. And I'm not talking little girls, either. I'm talking fast-pitch here! Imagine their surprise when we pulled this font up on the screen! So grab your font list and give this face a whirl. It's a cool creation!
GHIXM comes in normal, italic, bold and bold italic
Occasionally there are times when a type designer just doesn't have anything better to do. In those moments when the creative side of the brain is unfettered thusly, and there's computer and a keyboard handy, things happen to fonts that probably shouldn't. And you guessed it, the result is Ghixm! Beginning with a standard block font design, each letter was carefully distorted and distressed until this high-strung font was born. With a cool, spooky bounce, Ghixm sprung to life via electonically manipulated means. At first, I was unsure about this font (Hey, James Stirling didn't do every font in this pak! --- Mike). It looked cool enough, but it seemed like I had almost cheated in it's creation. Sure there was still a lot of work to be done taking it from screen to keyboard, but having never laid pencil to paper to get any of these characters going didn't feel right. What
did feel right was the application of such a font. It's been in use on banners and semis and everything in between for many years, but only when I'm feeling kind of whacky. (And I thought it wasn't worth using!) Just don't take it too serious and you'll have a lot of fun!
KEETOWAH comes in one style only: lots of confusing twisted pieces
And then there is Keetowah. What can I say about this font? What can I say about any font? The first time I knew Mr. Stirling had any prayer of being a font designer was back in about 1992. He loaded the first fonts he ever tinkered with electronically onto my Epson 386 using CorelDRAW!2 .WFN files. (Remember WiFfeN files? Me and James been around awhile!) Those fonts are still around too. One of them is JLSUltrabold in the
Race Pak #1B fonts. I chiseled that cool-as-heck font so it could speed round and round the roundy-round tracks for time-eternal, or at least until as long as computer fonts are cool. I had a hair-pulling time figuring out how to design my own fonts years later, but I stuck in there and now I've got all of these really neat typefaces to show for it. I originally thought about being a journalist, or working in comic books. But I started a signshop instead and my fonts became a sometimes profitable hobby. Oh, I did decide to sell some clip-art. James helped there too. This all has nothing to do with this crazy-as-hell font James calls Keetowah (actually pronounced kuh-too-wuh, i think!). But I don't know what he was thinking when he did it. He just named it after the street I lived on for awhile in Tahlequah USA ... Oklahoma, that is! Figure this font out for yourself. I can't. Some of my customers haven't either. But I use it anyway. Why should I use mundane stuff when James worked so hard on this font?
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