Scripts? Casuals? Toon fonts? Script Pak #1 has 'em all! Arm your signmaking chores with 10 job-ready fonts, from cool casuals to classic scripts. The Fontry's script font pak offers limitless possibilities! Choose from any of five script fonts, including a nice
Poster Script by Alf R Becker and the classic Bulletin Stub by Frank H Atkinson. There's even a second Becker script, his 245th alphabet! Or if you're tired of brush script, replace it with Script Casual. If fancy scripts won't work, try one of the three casual fonts--there's a text-weight available with Scrapin', a condensed heavyweight with Rager, and a wall-to-wall WIDE casual with Surplus. Toss in a couple of cartoon-style fonts and you're all set! What? You don't know what a cartoon font is? You will when you see Toon Casual and Team Spirit.So the next time a boring job rears its ugly head, don't walk in unarmed; charge in ready for battle! The price? Get the Script Pak #1 CD for $99! And that's not all. You also get the Alf R. Becker Pak #1 FREE with the Script collection! Just doing our job to make your font list a happy and fruitful place!!! Especially when you see our final font, Voodoo Script! It's fun and scary!

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ARB-85 Modern Poster! Playtest a fully-equipped version of this script font before you buy! A MAC download is also available -- just click here for your free font suitcase!
SCRIPT PAK #1 / $99 click to order now
includes FREE: ARB Pak #1
fonts used in the script graphic--voodoo & arb85
Here's the deal, font lovers!!!

If you're tired of using brush script and dom casual, and most every other face on your font list, Script Pak #1 is a quick and cool solution.

Okay, there's 10 fonts and the pak is called Script Pak, but the fonts aren't all "scripts" per se. And we've taken quite a bit of heat for this fact. But consider the contents of the package before you dismiss it; these fonts are a signmaker's best friend.

Script Casual, in particular, is a true crowd pleaser. When customers ask for a script font, Script Casual instantly fills the bill. This font can grace anything from a car tag to the door-lettering on a big rig. For a narrower attitude, ARB-245 is another classic, hand-lettered script by Alf R. Becker. From there it's off to Frank H. Atkinson's Bulletin Stub and a wacky work of fontography that could only be called Voodoo Script. That's four usable scripts that are perfect for everyday signwork.

Now, mix in three casuals, two toons--plus a poster script--and you've got a powerful combination of faces! Plus
ARB Pak #1 FREE!
Script Casual / Surplus / Modern Poster / Toon Casual / Rager / Voodoo Script / Scrapin' / ARB 245 / Bulletin / Team Spirit
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