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includes FREE: Signfaces Narrow #1, Wild Bunch Pak #1 & Wild Bunch Pak #3
Race Pak #1B is born from the dust and grit of the "roundy-round" tracks. From typefaces originally designed to grace the doors of dirt-track cars comes a collection of 10 fonts that will get the attention of anyone looking for a way to jazz up a sign job. Now available on CD, these heavy-duty fonts are chiseled to create the 3-dimensional convex effect craved by the race-car crowd. And not only are these all-original fonts complete with a set of fully chiseled numbers, letters and a slew of punctuation symbols and alternate characters, but they also come in a normal, non-chiseled version to compliment your work without overkilling the special effects. An added bonus is the Race Checkers font. Typing the number keys in this font will give you a line of checkers the same number of checks high as the key you're typing. Hold down the shift key and you get chiseled checkers!

But that's not all, (this is better than an infommercial!) we stayed up all night for six months and put the CHECKERED effect into every one of these fonts! And that still isn't all! If you're software supports it, you can type in background outlines separate from foreground chisels for field-expedient layouts. No more converting everything into a graphic and dragging chiseled pieces all over the place. And the best thing? The price has stayed the same! $99 for 10 fonts, chiseled AND checkered. That's cheaper than paying me to stay up all night for just ONE night!

As an added incentive, Race Pak #1A also includes the Excursions fonts of Signfaces Narrow Block Pak #1 and the Wild Bunch Pak #3 FREE font pak.

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