If you are using PayPal, PLEASE note the following guidelines:

1. If you want to send money directly to the Fontry using PayPal, log on to your PayPal account manually. For your security, we provide no direct links to PayPal.

At PayPal, click on the
SEND MONEY tab to begin a transaction. If you started from our Main Order Page, go to PayPal Payments on the order form and please remember to select Sending PayPal Payment before you submit the form.

At PayPal,


Don't forget to include that underscore between the & fontry. You can also highlight select the address with your screen cursor and use your browser's copy/paste command. That's the best way to avoid any mistakes.

2. If you are using the Main Order Page and would rather receive a PayPal Invoice, select Please Send PayPal Invoice. The invoice will be sent to your email address for the amount due. The completed orderform you submit using the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the order page will be the basis for the amount represented on the invoice.

Complete the payment by following the links supplied within the PayPal Invoice.

3. If you are using the Main Order page and selected the Sending PayPal Payment option, you should probably submit the orderform first.

Make sure it is completed accurately, including your correct email address.

Send PayPal Payments to the email address shown above.

4. Before you send any payment, please be certain you've calculated the correct amount due based on selections and shipping options. If you are uncertain of the amount, you can always request a PayPal Invoice and we'll do it for you. Or simply request a verification from us that the amount due is correct before you send money.

All orders (except those made using the BUY NOW option) are monitored and processed by live humans. Sending money via PayPal or requesting a PayPal Invoice is not an automated system. All orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt, but usually a lot sooner.

If you have any questions or this is just all too confusing, drop us an email and we'll get you taken care of.



WELCOME to the Fontry's PayPal page. We have a number of payment options to suit our customer's needs, but PayPal is the preferred payment method. This allows buyers to use our BUY NOW buttons linked to a secure PayLoadz download of their order. You can also request a PayPal invoice be sent to your email or you can donate money for a font well made!
Questions? the_fontry@yahoo.com Or Call: 918-422-5318
Sending money? Go to PayPal and SEND MONEY to: the_fontry@yahoo.com
We get a lot of emails from customers asking about using PayPal to pay for font purchases. The following guidelines address the most common questions and concerns. These guidelines and payment options are intended to help both veteran and novice users better understand their options when buying fonts with their PayPal account.
If you are using our BUY NOW buttons, most of the PayPal processes are automated. But we're pretty flexible when it comes to optional PayPal payment methods. You might have a specific purchase request, billing requirements, etc. Need a PayPal invoice sent to your email?  No problem. Need help filling a custom order? We can do that too.
PayPal is the Fontry's preferred form of payment. Even if you don't have an account, you can complete any PayPal transaction using your credit card. This includes the 3 basic methods of paying with PayPal: Send Money, Invoices and BUY NOW buttons. For any issue or special request not identified here, just drop us an email at: the_fontry@yahoo.com