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This work-horse of a font pak contains six seemingly identical fonts, all of which appear to break tradition with the Fontry's normal naming conventions. What that means is none of these fonts will show up on your font list with the word Narrow in their name--instead, look for them under E for Excursions.

Tacking the Excursions moniker onto each version of the six narrow fonts in this package is the result of being named
after my sign business before the font collection itself was given a name. (Graphic Excursions--Excursions fonts--see what I mean?) Since it would be a little vague to call a font pak the Excursions fonts collectively, it was decided that Narrow Block Pak #1 would be a more self-explanatory title. Unable to part with the word Excursions for purely sentimental reasons, a discrepancy in naming was born, along with a half-dozen fonts that share a very close lineage. However, the fonts aren't nearly as identical as they seem; each Excursion typeface stands apart quite well from the others when a slightly different take on the thin theme is called for. Besides their narrow nature, these fonts even have a few extra tricks designed into them, such as the ability to survive a  fair amount of vertical stretching without obvious distortions--great for sign makers cramming words into tight spots--plus each font contains a multitude of extra characters designed especially for sign work. But what else makes these fonts so darned handy, not to mention so darned plotter-friendly? Well, here's the lowdown...

1. Most people want to know if our fonts are cleanly digitized. You bet. The lines are clean, jaggy-free, replete with smooth transitions and the control points are kept to a minimum. Even though this question of cleanliness is asked so often we can almost hear it coming before it's asked, we still don't mind answering it with pride. Quality and craftsmanship is still our main area of concern. Clean letterforms not only cut faster and better, they just flat-out look better!

2. Each letterform begins and ends its cut at the left and/or bottom-most extremity of the outline. The result is quicker cutting times because there will be less wasted X,Y plotter movement. The second benefit is quicker weeding as all start/stop burs are now identically located for easier "snapping off" of excess vinyl.

3. Multiple paths on characters like the O and B, etc., cut in a bottom-to-top order. Again, less wasted X,Y moves.

4. Control points for letterforms never extend beyond the character's horizontal and vertical boundaries. Software measures a character where its control handles terminate, not where its outlines terminate. So if your software measures the character on-screen at 13.5 inches, a 13.5 inch cut is what you will get.

5. Additional characters are included to break up and simplify the everyday monotony of sign work. These include special punctuation symbols for CAPs characters, a unique set of bullets and 18 distance fractions, all readily available with a keystroke. Many of these symbols replace the old desktop-publishing symbols which have very little if any use in a signmaker's environment. Please consult character maps for additional alternate characters and special symbols. You'll find everything you need with nothing missing. That means we won't do anything tricky, like leave out the bullet or some other common character you're going to need.

6. Kerning--the visually adjusted space between letters--is taken very seriously in all of the Fontry's font paks. The number of kerned combinations ranges from 1,000 to 9,000 kerned pairs per font. Note: Numbers are also extensively kerned to the alpha characters as many signmakers tend to use alpha-numeric mixes quite a bit, for example, VIN numbers for fleet markings.

7. We at the Fontry highly recommend the use of PostScript fonts and/or Adobe Type Manager in order to achieve optimum results with these fonts.

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