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It's more than just a statement! It's over 200 twisted variations of a favorite American icon: that annoying, yellow smiley-face! And the range of variations is a real side-splitter. Who would have thought we would ever see so many wild and hilarious takes on this well-known image? There are smiley-face dogs, cats, devils, angels, classic monsters and much more! And they're all cut-ready & print-ready, so signmakers can get busy putting these guys on license plates, signs, or whatever. Or maybe you'd rather use them on your website. If so, JPEG versions are also included in a 4" x 4" 150 dpi format. In other words, plenty of size for rescaling to fit your layout needs!
These guys are so much fun, we've even broken them down into an accessories directory. That basically means you have files full of eyes, mouths, etc., so you can build a custom smiley face to fill your own design needs. This package is available on CD for $75 or you can get it FREE when you buy Clippies Volume One. You'll also get Wild Bunch Pak #2 at no extra cost. That's two freebies for one Clippies!
...real-world applications that is! Click the pic on the right and see what we mean. This smiley-cat is right at home on the bumper of 2000, Citrus-Gold Mercury Cougar.
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