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today's font: ARB-245 Spencerian Script

It's here, fontsters! The ongoing Alf R. Becker project is still alive, and another Becker alphabet has made the transition from history to keyboard. Now, if you don't remember who Becker is, let me remind you. Starting in Signs of the Times magazine in 1932, Becker and then-editor E. Thomas Kelley schemed a plan to print monthly lettering displays of sign-painterly quality for the new Art and Design section of the magazine. And so they did, all the way to 1959!
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Leap forward a few decades and it's the new millennium. Where hand-crafted alphabets from the past have been turned into some new-fangled thing called a font. Where computers and plotters have replaced brushes and paint and about the only thing that hasn't changed is the craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our Becker typeface revivals. To see what I mean, say hello to ARB-245 Spencerian Script!!! The latest Becker freebie!!!

While it's probably not possible to ever see all of Becker's alphabets hit a computer near you in my lifetime, I'm still doing my best after all these years to bring you nothing BUT the best of his works. And when you use ARB-245, you'll be using some of the very best. You might even say good-bye to Brush Script for awhile so you can play with this truly unique and highly functional font. I like this face so much that I don't think it could ever find benefit in my wordy praises. So I'm going to stop right here. Just shut up. In short: you should load this font and use it! You'll love it!!!

I'll close this introduction to ARB-245 with the description that accompanied this alphabet in 1952:

Modern Bold Spencerian Thick and Thin By ALF R. BECKER
A MODERN HEADLINE DELUXE provides Becker's 245th alphabet to appear in ST. This is designed for use in advertising that is directed toward an expression of quality. JUNE, 1952

Talk about an understatement. How about saying this is just one really cool script!
ARB-245 as it appeared in June, 1952
click the pic to see ARB-245 on a '62 Galaxie
"The" is Script Casual from Script Pak #1)
click the pic to see how ARB-245 looks today

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